1,001 Sayings and Deeds of the Prophet

Prayers - Ablution

Sayings and Deeds of the ProphetPerforming ablution the Prophet’s way:

Narrated Ata bin Yasar:

Ibn Abbas performed ablution and washed his face (in the following way): He ladled out a handful of water, rinsed his mouth and washed his nose with it by putting in water and then blowing it out. He then, took another handful (of water) and did like this (gesturing) joining both hands, and washed his face, took another handful of water and washed his right forearm. He again took another handful of water and washed his left forearm, and passed wet hands over his head and took another handful of water and poured it over his right foot (up to his ankles) and washed it thoroughly and similarly took another handful of water and washed thoroughly his left foot (up to the ankles) and said, "I saw Allah's Apostle performing ablution in this way."

Bukhari 4.142

People used to fight over the Prophet’s leftover water from ablution, some would even drink the water.

Narrated Ibn Shihab:

Mahmud bin Ar-Rabi who was the person on whose face the Prophet had ejected a mouthful of water from his family's well while he was a boy, and Urwa (on the authority of Al-Miswar and others) who testified each other, said, "Whenever the Prophet, performed ablution, his companions were nearly fighting for the remains of the water."

Bukhari 4:188

Narrated As-Sa'ib bin Yazid:

My aunt took me to Allah's Apostle and said, "O Allah's Apostle! My sister's son is sick." So he passed his hand over my head and invoked for Allah's blessing upon me and then performed the ablution. I drank from the water of his ablution and I stood behind him and looked at his Khatam (the seal of Prophethood) between his shoulders (and its size was) like the button of a tent.

Bukhari 75.363

Revelation 4:43 is often referred to as the Verse of Tayammum and is about performing ablution when water is not available: "... And if you are sick or on a journey, or if anyone of you has relieved himself, or you have touched women and could not find water, you might rub yourself with clean earth, wiping your faces and hands with it. Allah is indeed All Pardoning, All-Forgiving."

The verse was revealed when the Prophet and his party, because of Aisha, had to spend time in the desert where no water was available and could not perform ablution in the prescribed manner.

The long and the short of it:

Narrated Aisha:

We went out with Allah's Apostle on one of his journeys till we reached Al-Baida or Dhatul-Jaish where my necklace got broken (and lost).

Allah's Apostle stopped to search for it and the people too stopped with him. There was no water at that place and they had no water with them. So they went to Abu Bakr and said, "Don't you see what Aisha has done? She has made Allah's Apostle and the people stop where there is no water and they have no water with them."

Abu Bakr came while Allah's Apostle was sleeping with his head on my thigh and said, "You detained Allah Apostle and the people where there is no water and they have no water."

He then admonished me and said what Allah wished and pinched me at my flanks with his hands, but I did not move because the head of Allah's Apostle was on my thigh.

Allah's Apostle kept on sleeping till be got up in the morning and found no water. Then Allah revealed the Divine Verse of Tayammum, and the people performed Tayammum.

Usaid bin AlHudair said. "O family of Abu Bakr! This is not the first blessings of yours."

We urged the camel on which I was sitting to get up from its place and the necklace was found under it.

Bukhari 57.21

Narrated Aisha:

That she borrowed a necklace from Asma and it was lost. Allah's Apostle sent some of his companions to look for it. During their journey the time of prayer was due and they prayed without ablution.

When they returned to the Prophet they complained about it. So the Divine Verse of Tayammum was revealed.

Bukhari 57.117

As usual, for the Prophet there is only one right way to do things, and Allah is always there to punish anyone who dares deviate from His Messenger’s example.

Narrated Abdullah bin Amr:

Once the Prophet remained behind us in a journey. He joined us while we were performing ablution for the prayer which was over-due. We were just passing wet hands over our feet (and not washing them properly) so the Prophet addressed us in a loud voice and said twice or thrice: "Save your heels from the fire."

Bukhari 3.57

When a fart is not a fart:

Narrated Abbas bin Tamim:

That his uncle said: "The Prophet was asked: If a person feels something during his prayer; should one interrupt his prayer?"

The Prophet said: "No! You should not give it up unless you hear a sound or smell something."

Narrated Ibn Abi Hafsa: Az-Zuhri said, "There is no need of repeating ablution unless you detect a smell or hear a sound."

Bukhari 34.272